To stay mindful of…

When I plan my unit for this semester, I want to ensure that I make the most out of my experience as a teacher. I want my students to learn a lot from me, but I also want to learn a lot about myself and how I want to construct my future classrooms.

1. Environment–I want to create an environment that encourages engagement. I want this engagement to be meaningful and productive and to be more in-depth than sheer listening. I want my students to be active learners and be involved in creating their own learning. The environment in the classroom needs to not only support this engagement, but encourage and require it.

2. Conceptual–I want to use my knowledge of mathematics and education to create a broad, conceptual framework in my students. I want them to have more than just a knowledge consisting of memorization and factual understanding. Students should be able to develop their understanding of mathematics in a meaningful way.

3. Metacognition–I want to encourage self-monitoring of understanding among my students. The first step in this is to ensure that students know the importance of learning and education. Then, I want to make sure that they monitor their learning, make changes when necessary, and keep up on personal goals.

4. Mistakes–I want to utilize mistakes and misconceptions to develop understanding in my students. Firstly, my students need to feel comfortable making mistakes and offering insights, whether they are correct or not. The processes in many misconceptions are often brilliant. It’s important to take these mistakes and develop understanding.




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